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Welcome to SIF-less 2. Beta Edition!

I started this an embarassingly long time ago, in a galaxy far away.  Actually it was an alcohol-infused one-man hackathon where I secured first place.  Anywho, here goes nothing (If you want to skip right to getting started, scroll to “Getting Started”) Why a new SIF-less? The first one was ok, in my eyes. I…

SIF-less Version 0.5.0 – More Requirements Checks!

One of the biggest feedbacks from SIF-less’s release was that while the validation checks in the Test Window were nice, there were some instances where the validation would pass, but the install would still fail.  This release closes some of those gaps and adds in a few more tests to ensure you have a higher…

Introducing SIF-less for Easy Sitecore 9 Installation

SIF-less 2 Beta is now available!   After working through some of the initial shock of the new install process, I took to some tinkering.  What I came up with was something I dubbed SIF-less. It’s a little less SIF than a standard SC9 install takes.  That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with SIF….