This is a quick one, but man is it sexy.  I’m loving the new configuration support in Sitecore 9.  Let’s take a look at the new “set” command in the patch configuration.

Here’s how we could update two site values in the previous versions of Sitecore:

Is that impossible to figure out? Nah.  Can it be easier? Yep! Here’s how to do the same thing in Sitecore 9.

Now THAT is simple!

Edit: You’re going to want to import this in your configuration node like so:


This entry is part of my series "Nine on Nine" which is a "quick peek" at nine new things in Sitecore 9.  I've been messing a bit with the Technical Preview, and there's lots of exciting stuff to share.  Some of these might change a little in regards to General Availability, but hopefully not too much... These posts won't cover everything in depth, as I hope to do more detailed analysis in the coming months. Other Entries in Nine on Nine
  1. Connecting to Sitecore Rocks
  2. Controlling Configuration Load Order
  3. Dynamic Placeholders
  4. Server Role Configuration
  5. Sitecore Forms
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  7. SIF and HTTPS Everywhere
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  9. Infrastructure Software changes
There's more than just nine new things.  XConnect is a huge change to how data is collected.  Cloud-first support is another big thing.  Look to the official RSS Community Blog Feed, check out the Sitecore Slack Channel, hit up the Sitecore Stack Exchange or leave the Official Forums for more information.  It's a great time to be a Sitecore Developer! Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmail